eco2rd extension

When using the extension eco2rd, none of your data are collected and sent a any other instance in any way by the extension: all browsing data and information are analyzed and processed directly on your device.

The source code of the extension is available in open access, to ensure transparency and for any other purpose:

eco2rd got concepted, developed and designed by Franziska Fieke.

eco2rd website:

The following data protection declaration applies for the usage of the website and related services with the domain By using this website you agree with the collection, usage and transmission of your data corresponding to this data protection declaration.

> Accountable person

Accountable for the collection, processing and usage of your personal data according to the art. 4 no. 7 GDPR is Franziska Fieke.

> Hosting

This website is hosted on servers enabled by the CDN service provider Cloudflare, Inc. in 101 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107 USA. The used servers are located all over the world and are maintained and secured to the best of my knowledge. For the purpose of data processing Cloudflare closes a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with its customers that follows the rules of the GDPR. I agree with Cloudflares' data processing agreement.

> Access data

With your request to, your IP address got routed through an unknown number of network and servers located in (for me) unknown countries with their own data protection regulations and got probably stored or read out on its way. That happens before your request even reached our server and is part of your usage of the WWW. The server that is carrying this website is configured in a way that is does not store any logs with personal data (like e.g. Ip addresses, browser types, operating systems or similar information).

> SSL protection

Any data transferred between your browser and the web server are protected via SSL.

> Cookies and local storage

There are no cookies created with this website. Local storage is not touched when using the website.

> Tracking and statistics

This website does not use tracking software or tracking pixel and disclaim to use any form of fingerprinting for the purpose of data collection.

> Changes to the privacy declaration

In order to meet the legal requirements I may update the privacy policy from time to time. Any changes to the privacy policy will be published on this page and are effective once they are posted.